Ever since its foundation days in 1961, HEULE Werkzeug AG has been involved in optimizing and reducing cycle times of machining processes.

Heinrich HEULE set up his company in 1961 as a contract manufacturing business. It did not take long before he met his first limits when processing one of his first orders: He was asked to chamfer the insides of a fork component at low cost, within a short time and in a large production run. No suitable tool was available for this at that time. So he designed his own tool – and found that he had discovered a market gap. The foundations for a thriving business had been laid.

Initially, Heinrich HEULE fought for recognition of his tool idea. The specialist community was at first reluctant to trust it. But ultimately, he achieved a breakthrough with Daimler-Benz as his first large account, although the management first wished to see the balance sheet of the HEULE company to be sure they wouldn’t be fooled by a fantasist. “The day on which I signed the first contract for my tool was the most wonderful day in my whole professional life”, says the company owner today. Since then, 60 years have passed and HEULE Werkzeug AG has long become established as the problem solver in the industry.

With the entry of son Ulf, the expansion of sales and the worldwide expansion of exports began. Today the company is managed by Ulf HEULE. He knows the customers and their needs. An apprenticeship as a toolmaker as well as his studies in engineering and in business management are an optimal basis for his demanding task. The determination to lead the family-run business into a secure future is also borne out by the company’s generously sized building, which was constructed in 2007 and is equipped with an air conditioning system that does not generate any carbon emissions.


1961 Foundation of a mechanical workshop in Rheineck on 22nd June 1961
1963 Relocation to Balgach
1970 Use of first tool for front and back machining of bore edges
1971 Inauguration of the large site extension at Jakob-Schmidheiny-Road
1976 Patent application for the GH-S chamfering tool
1978 Beginning of the internationalisation process with the appointment of the first agent in Baden-Württemberg / Germany
1979 Major sales success / Milestone: Receipt of 1st F-Number from Daimler-Benz in Stuttgart
1980 End of era as an subcontracting company
1988 Foundation of HEULE subsidiary in the USA
2007 Relocation to the new building on Wegenstrasse in Balgach
2011 50 years anniversary
2011 Foundation of HEULE subsidiary in China
2013 Foundation of HEULE subsidiary in Korea
2018 Foundation of HEULE subsidiary in Germany

60 Years Heule