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Travel safely and comfortably with our public transportsystem of the SBB.

Swiss Tourism

Holiday, travel, vacation - Find out, what Switzerland provides you. Various leisure and excursion possibilities to discover Switzerland.


Reach the top of the Saentis, by foot or by cableway and enjoy the amazing view over the rhine valley of Eastern Switzerland. Use also the gastronomic specialities or spend the night in the mountain hotel.

Hoher Kasten

Make a trip to the "hoher Kasten" - by foot or by cableway - and eat in the daily opened 360°-revolving restaurant!

Mountain restaurant "Staubern"

Make a trip to the mountain restaurant "Staubern", by foot or by cableway.

Appenzeller tourism

Located amidst a landscape of gently rolling hills at the foot of the impressive Alpstein mountains, the Appenzellerland, boasting the picturesque main town of Appenzell and its famous main street, is a holiday destination that offers guests a wide array of options to enjoy a perfect summer or winter getaway.

Area St. Gallen/Lake Constance

Click below to get an overview of various touristic and leisure activities around the area St. Gallen/Lake Constance.

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