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Headstock Conductor Component for Fuel Pump Drive Bush Pipe for industrial cleaners Wheel Hub Wheel - Valve Hole Cylinder Head - Motorsport Connecting rod oil bore Common Rail Camshaft Connecting Rod Journal Bore Mounting Bore for Aluminium Wheel Connecting pin of a steering wheel Splined Shaft Automotive Industry Medical shelf Aluminium profile aviation Differential housing Component for Chip Mounter Valve cylinder Component for gear Medical Back Implant Component with eccentric back spot face Outer bearing Flange Flange for Double Row Taper Bearing Gear shaft Case Low Pressure Turbine Stator Bushing Brake disc Hub-4 & DD Clutch Gear spindle housing Shell Annulus Conn. - Part 1 Shell Annulus Conn. - Part 2 Shell Annulus Conn. - Part 3 Planetary carrier for 8-shift-gear Turbocharger Housing Chain wheel drum Gas Turbine Engine Elevator Trailing Wheel Back Spot Facing in Inconel 718 Compressor Piston Flow Meter Sprocket Wheel Gear Disc Rotor Wheel Wind Energy Plant Drive Plate Turbo Charger Housing CFRP Plate Mounting Bracket for Suspension Ball Valve / Hydraulic T-Piece Spring Pivot Bolt Bearing Bushing Case Car Hydraulics Cantilever support Knee Replacement Crossbores in Engine / Roller Bolt Fork Crankshaft Spindle Case Gearbox Housing Cover for Construction Machine Steering Knuckle Gearbox Housing Turbine Component Wind Mill Blade Hub Copper Tube Sealing Plug Valve Fitting Valve Fitting (Front Deburring) Joint bore / Drive shaft Thread Recess Bearer Ring for Plain Bearing Chamber for Airbag Filter Tube Tube with Flange Support Gear Part Trailer Hitch Mounting Exhaust tube for turbine Oil Filler Hole in Axle Drive Suspension for Heavy Goods Vehicles Knuckle Rail Manifold Gear Ring
A visit at HEULE Welcome to the team! Numerous trade fairs this autumn Successful finish of apprenticeship Open House at HEULE New sales partner in Switzerland HEULE Precision Tools receives quality certification from DMG MORI Online Seminar «CHAMFERING front & back bore edges in one single pass» New sales partner in Austria Successful finish of apprenticeship Three trees for 3 generations Webinar «BACKSPOTFACING up to 2.3 x bore diameter» Error-free deburring process thanks to digitalised monitoring Product innovation: DL2 Alex and Karl – two stories & one conclusion HEULE is a winner at the Prix SVC Eastern Switzerland Successful finish of apprenticeship HEULE nominated for Prix SVC HEULE launches COFA New Generation International Sales Meeting 2015 Eccentric Back Spot Face Efficient Deburring of Medical Devices Back Spot Facer for the Aircraft Industry Apprenticeship finished successfully Challenging Cross Bore Deburring Starrag relies on BSF New Solution for Deburring hydraulic Ball valves / T-pieces ZF EXCELLENCE AWARD 2016 Video from ARCO Tools Poland HEULE talks about X-Bores at the Expert Forum of DeburringExpo New Application Fields Opened Happy Holiday Season and all the Best for the New Year! New COFA Instruction Videos One Operation - The New HEULE Full Catalogue New Office Space for HEULE China 30th Anniversary of HEULE Tool Corporation, Loveland/OH Latest COFA-X Application Reports Successful finish of apprenticeship HEULE talks at the Expert Forum of DeburringExpo Karlsruhe Handout Expert Lecture "Deburring of 1:1 Cross Bores"
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