Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Leading manufacturers and subcontractors of the German automotive industry are among our customers. The close relationship is based on technical exitement and efficiency gains generated by our innovations and confirmed trust.

In 2013, approximately 65.5 millions cars were produced. According to a forecast published by PwC this number shall rise to 100 millions until 2017. The automotive industry is a synonym for mass production, lean production and global consolidation. The "Lean Production" philosophy involves improvement programmes such as "Time saving activities", "Labor cost savings" or "CIP Continuous improvement process“. To support such endeavours HEULE develops tools that reduce the production time, that are simple in respect of handling and preadjustments and that meet the quality requirements.

Various possible applications

Workpiece geometry, material, clamping, machine concept - the demands on cutting tools are complex. No application is like any other.

Soluzioni specifiche personalizzate con utensili speciali

Soluzioni specifiche personalizzate con utensili speciali

Tutte le innovazioni di HEULE Werkzeug AG sono state elaborate per la soluzione e l'efficienza delle esigenze del cliente. Offriamo utensili per smussatura, sbavatura e soluzioni per le seguenti applicazioni

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