DL2 - The mini tool for reliable deburring.

The DL2 tool completes the existing standardized product range in the diameter range smaller than 2.1 mm. By introducing DL2 HEULE enters new areas that that have not been served before. In cooperation with the biggest Swiss watch manufacturer HEULE developed the DL2 tool to final market maturity.


The confined space situation of the DL2 tool was a great challenge of the design work. The high customer demands with regard to reliability and deburring quality encouraged HEULE to strive once more to go to the very limit of the achievable. And the results speak for themselves: Simple handling, fast blade change without unclamping, a robust tool despite of the small dimensions - some features that characterize DL2 in short


  • DL2 standard range for bore Ø 1.0 mm up to Ø2.1 mm
  • Defined cutting process with a ground carbide blade
  • Complete edge break - the bore edge is burr free
  • Machining of even and slightly uneven bore edges
  • Easy blade change despite of the tiny dimensions of the cutting edge
  • Blade change without unclamping of the tool
  • Process safe operation because of the permanent cooling of the cutting edge


The blade is guided by the blade housing. The spring action bearing of the mechanical cutting edge is provided by the blade itself. An adaption of the spring force to the application material, as it is given for the other HEULE tool system, is not necessary. The bandwidth of the required spring forces is so narrow that a differentiation is superfluous.


The DL2 tool consists of a tool body, a blade housing, a coolant sleeve and a carbide blade. The tool set-up remains indentical throughout the complete range. The blade housing guides the blade and controls the movement over the edge.

Internal blade cooling
The technical challenge of deburring tools of this size is the blade cooling. As to DL2, the coolant supply is provided across the tool so that is guided directly to the carbide blade. This is an important feature for the function and process safety of high-volume production.

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