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HEULE is a winner at the Prix SVC Eastern Switzerland

02.09.2020 | HEULE Werkzeug AG received a diploma at the award ceremony of the Prix SVC Ostschweiz 2020. An award that appreciates the daily work of all employees. With this project, the Swiss Venture Club actively supports the SMEs in Eastern Switzerland.

With the Prix SVC, the Swiss Venture Club promotes entrepreneurship in the seven Swiss economic regions. The SVC awards the prize to innovative companies that achieve significant and sustainable economic success through outstanding performance. The Prix SVC Eastern Switzerland was awarded for the ninth time in August.


HEULE Werkzeug AG was one of the finalists and received a diploma. Evatec AG from Trübbach is the winner. The second and third places are occupied by Integra Biosciences AG (Zizers) and Zünd Systemtechnik AG (Altstätten). Davaz Holding AG (Fläsch) and Glatz AG (Frauenfeld) also made it to the final.


In a multi-stage process, the 13-member jury of experts had nominated the six finalists in advance. More than one hundred companies from both Appenzell, Glarus, Graubünden, St.Gallen and Thurgau were available for selection. During a jury trip, the winner was chosen from all the nominees and honored at the award ceremony.