Deburring of 1:1 bores

With X-BORES HEULE advances into uncharted technical territory that has been out of reach so far. With its COFA-X system combined with today's machine capabilities  HEULE possesses a new solution. In a close cooperation with the customer, our R&D team examines the feasibility and develops a tailor-cut tool for the specific application.


The challenges faced are the following bore situations:

  • Bores with an identical or almost identical diameter crossing each other
  • Bores which merge into one another
  • Crossing bores with center axis offset and interfering edges that shield the surface to be deburred indirectly

Solution approach

The 1:1 Ratio Bore Tool

With its COFA-X system combined with today's machine capabilities HEULE possesses a new solution. This method enables the machining of contours that were still inconceivable even a few years ago.

What's next?

Have you got an unsolved deburring issue you would like to resolve with us?

  • Any viable solution begins with a clear description of the application. Please define your demands and expectations in a comprehensive and detailed manner. Please focus therefor on the following important aspects:
  • Description of the present deburring process
  • Details of the bore and the application
  • Description of the environment: Machine, clamping, fixture, spatial conditions, interfering edges
  • Number of bores to be deburred
  • Cycle time? Present solution? Present time (Actual/Target)?
  • Is there any function assigned to the deburred surface?
  • Description of the desired final result / target description
  • What has to be observed imperatively when designing the new deburring process?

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