News - 20.01.2017

New Solution for Deburring hydraulic Ball valves / T-pieces

Up to now, the automatic deburring of intersecting bores with a 1:1 bore diameter ratio was technically out of reach. Now,  HEULE has developed a new function priniciple that is capable to overcome this problem.

COFA-X - the new function principle

Cross bores with intersecting bores of similar or almost identical diameters possess extremely steep sloping bore edges. This type of slope has been responsible that this kind of bores could not be deburred automatically and efficiently so far. As reported in a case study of a Korean manufacturer of hydraulic fittings, these bores had to be deburred manually by using a brush.

Considering the number of ball valves and t-pieces that are manufactured worldwide and its potential for cost savings, it makes evident that the significance of this innovation is quite important. It is HEULE's core competence to render the production processes of our customers more efficient and thus more successful.

Please read the application report: >>> Ball valve / hydraulic T-piece

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