News - 22.04.2016

Back Spot Facer for the Aircraft Industry

The aircraft industry is known for its need for most reliable solutions. So a Korean jet-engine manufacturer who uses the BSF Back Spot Facing Tool for the spot facings on his gas turbine casings. Beside the satisfying result, it was the fascinatingly simple function principle who convinced the customer.

Gas turbine casings are large workpieces that any manufacturer would like to machine completely in one setup. The BSF tool enables the access to the surface that has to be machined through the bore itself. Hence, it can operate in very limited space conditions behind the bore. In this application sample, the tool carries out a spot facing of 2.14 x the diameter of the bore. The maximum spot facing diameter BSF can attein is 2.3 times the bore diameter.

Please read here the full application report.

Under Applications you will find a large number of case studies where our tools have been used successfully for back bore machining.

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