News - 25.10.2017

New Application Fields Opened

HEULE Key Account Manager René Kehl was invited to talk at the Deburring Expo's Expert Forum about the new possiblities of deburring intersecting bores. As part of the X-BORES programme HEULE developed three different function priniciples that open new application fields.

Modern components increasingly have more complex geometries and are made of new materials or material combinations. By developing COFA-X and SNAP-X HEULE advances into new application fields of the mechanical deburring that have been out of reach clearly so far. Furthermore, deburring by means of a defined cutting edge in a chip making process creates clear advantages.

In contrast to the already introduced CBD Tool whose invest sum asks for a certain production volume, the use of COFA-X and SNAP-X technology can be justified quickly.

The variety of combinations of intersecting bores is tremendous. Due to the singularity of the problems, HEULE as an experienced problem solver offers customer-optimized solutions based on these new function principles.

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