News - 09.11.2018

New Office Space for HEULE China

On October 22, 2018, CEO and co-owner of HEULE Werkzeug AG Ulf Heule inaugurated the new office space of the subsidiary in Wuxi / China. In the presence of 45 guests the solemn opening ceremony took place in a nearby hotel. This large group of customers, agents, machine tool manufacturers and tool managers would have exceeded the possibilites of the new office space.

Kevin Liu, managing director of HEULE Precision Tools (Wuxi) Ltd., said THANK YOU to all guests for their trust and the close cooperation. The success of the subsidiary in China was also the reason why they had searched for a new location. Also, he addressed his staff members and thanked them for their commitment and their contribution to the growth of the company.

Ulf Heule emphasized in his speed the importance of "a long breath" in developing the Chinese market for the HEULE products. The continuity, the perserverance and the high commitment of staff are now bearing fruit. He thanked the team led by Kevin Liu for the excellent work and for taking care of their market competently. The additional workload generated by the moving activities must not be forgotten, too. The effort has been worthwhile though. The new offices offer a pleasant working environment and the basis for further development.

His gift for the opening is a picture of the headquarters with two clocks for the two time zones. It shall be a linking element between the two countries and remind of the support HEULE China may will always receive from the headquarters in Switzerland.

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