Solutionzi per i costruttori di machine

We have been in touch with different tool machine manufacturers for years. Not only that they apply our tools for the production of their machines, but also we want to make sure that our tools are a good match for the offered machinery. The solution-focused cooperation with tool machine manufactureres considers HEULE as groundwork for our tool design.

Various possible applications

Workpiece geometry, material, clamping, machine concept - the demands on cutting tools are complex. No application is like any other.

Soluzioni specifiche personalizzate con utensili speciali

Soluzioni specifiche personalizzate con utensili speciali

Tutte le innovazioni di HEULE Werkzeug AG sono state elaborate per la soluzione e l'efficienza delle esigenze del cliente. Offriamo utensili per smussatura, sbavatura e soluzioni per le seguenti applicazioni