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Common rail

In the low-pressure range, diesel fuel distribution systems also require cleanly deburred bores.

Customer application

Our German customer produces over 1 million Common Rails annually. He was looking for a solution to automate the reverse deburring of the low pressure bore.

WorkpieceCommon Rail
Low pressure bore 2.4 mm
Main bore 9.0 mm
max. Deburring diameter2.8 mm
Material forged case-hardened steel (1,000-1,300 N/mm┬▓)


The solution proposed by HEULE is the simple and economical SNAP tool. The edges of the bore are deburred and chamfered without rotating the workpiece or stopping the spindle.


ToolSNAP 2/2.4
working length 30 mm
bladeSNAP blade 2.8 mm diameter made of carbide with a TiAlN coating
Working speed 3,300 rpm
Cutting speed vc 25 m/min
Working feed 0.05 mm/rev

Customer benefit

The customer is completely satisfied with the high level of process reliability and the deburring quality. Previously, the common rails were deburred with a competitor tool. The blades designed specifically for tough materials have a service life of 500 bores and consequently 500 common rails. Thanks to the SNAP tool's reliable deburring, the process costs have been reduced.