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Drilling combined with front and back chamfering in a single pass

  • Bore diameter 5.0 mm – 11.5 mm, drilling depth up to 2xd
  • Easy-to-change carbide drill tip
  • Short set-up and reduction of idle times thanks to simple handling
  • Reduced process times thanks to multifunctional processing in a single tool
VEX | Catalogue
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The standard range includes tools for bore diameters from 5.0 mm to 11.5 mm. They are available in versions with a drilling depth of 1xd or 2xd. The corresponding drill insert bits are available in 0.1 mm diameter increments. The blades for chamfering correspond to the SNAP5 series. These are available from a diameter of 5.5mm x 90° in 0.5 mm increments and in forward and backward cutting or backward cutting only versions. The chamfer size and angle are geometrically defined on the blade and can only be changed by using a blade with a modified geometry.

SeriesBoreDrilling depth 1xdDrilling depth 2xdMax. chamfer
B5.00 – 5.49 mm 5.511.07.0 diameter x 90°
5.50 – 5.99 mm diameter x 90°
C6.00 – 6.49 mm 6.513.08.0 diameter x 90°
6.50 – 6.99 mm diameter x 90°
D7.00 – 7.49 mm 7.515.09.0 diameter x 90°
7.50 – 7.99 mm diameter x 90°
8.00 – 8.49 mm 8.517.010.0 diameter x 90°
E8.50 – 8.99 mm diameter x 90°
9.00 – 9.49 mm 9.519.011.0 diameter x 90°
9.50 – 9.99 mm diameter x 90°
10.00 – 10.49 mm 10.521.012.0 diameter x 90°
F10.50 – 10.99 mm diameter x 90°
11.00 – 11.49 mm 11.523.013.0 diameter x 90°
11.50 mm and largerupon request

Should no standard tool solution be available for your application, HEULE can make a detailed application analysis. The result will be an application-specific solution. 


The VEX combination tool features an threaded twist drill insert tip and a SNAP technology blade integrated in the tool body for front and back chamfering. Both the drill insert tip and the blade are made of coated carbide and are extremely simple to change. The chamfering blade is accurately positioned by a spring-loaded control bolt in the tool body.

Tool Concept
  1. Tool body
  2. Control bolt
  3. Pressure spring
  4. Distance pin
  5. Set screw
  6. SNAP blade
  7. Drill insert
Arbeitsweise Bohr-Kombi-Werkzeug VEX

Process steps description

In a single operation with the VEX, the bore is produced with chamfers on both of its edges. This process is completed without rotating the workpiece or changing tools.


The high-performance twist drill insert takes care of the drilling. After drilling, the integrated SNAP chamfering system is used to chamfer the front and back edges. The desired chamfer is created by the blade in working feed. Upon reaching the defined chamfering size, the blade retracts radially into the tool body. When exiting the bore, the spring-loaded control bolt returns the blade to its neutral position so that the chamfer can be machined on the back edge of the bore.


Visit our downloads section for detailed information, videos and operating instructions. 


What if I was able to produce fully machined bores in one single pass?

You can find out in our 20-minute Online Seminar "DRILLING + CHAMFERING in one single pass". 

Application examples
Drill combination tool in operation
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Brake disc | With several work steps integrated into a single tool for maximum cost efficiency.
Webseite_Vorschau_Anwendungen_nur Bild16
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Webseite_Vorschau_Anwendungen_nur Bild13
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Shell ring connector | Drilling, chamfering front and back at the same time: Cost reduction of more than USD 100,000 per year.
Webseite_Vorschau_Anwendungen_nur Bild19
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Flow meter | Drilling and defined chamfering combined in one tool.
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