More than just a Tool Supplier

We offer an extensive service package along with the tool.

From the initial contact to commissioning and production on the customer's machine, consultation and support are readily available.  Our goal is to provide each customer with the ideal solution.  

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«We initially used a standard tool from HEULE. Conditions then changed, so a new solution had to be found. Today we use a special COFA, which HEULE has repeatedly developed and optimised for our needs.»
Andreas Berger
Powertrain Solutions / Technical Functions, Robert Bosch GmbH
Support from A to Z
What you receive as a customer.
We support our customers from A to Z. We strive to provide every customer with the best deburring solution possible.

We are pleased to assist.

Thanks to our worldwide network of branch offices and approximately 50 sales partners in 35 countries, HEULE competence and know-how is always within quick and easy reach.


Our qualified specialists evaluate your technical requirements and recommend the ideal tool solutions. Another advantage: the consultation is completely free.  


Find a contact person. 

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Alex & Karl: two stories and one insight

In the video, Alex and Karl demonstrate how successful deburring can be. Our customers can find application-specific solutions with the help of our comprehensive service package. 



Customer testimonials

Dominik Meile
«Due to increased quality standards for our component, we were required to find a reliable deburring solution. With the assistance of the HEULE development team, a special tool that eliminates the problem of chips was created and is now used in a series producing millions.»
Dominik Meile
Manufacturing Engineering Projects Manager, Thyssenkrupp
Situation 2_Solution
«We are glad that we have now found a suitable solution. But if we had involved HEULE earlier in the process, we could have saved ourselves a lot of time and nerves. »
Customer Energy Sector
«We had the challenge of eliminating residual chips when drilling crossbores. After a meeting with HEULE and initial tests on the workpiece, a special tool was developed. We also received blades with different geometries, which we were able to test under production conditions. This newly-designed tool gives us consistently good deburring results.»
Detlev Morawietz
Technical Planner Automotive
Dominik Vogg_Neumeister
«We have used COFA and SNAP tools for many years. Test tools from HEULE are always made available to us in an unbureaucratic manner for new applications. We can therefore see the result for ourselves.»
Dominik Vogg
Tool management, Neumeister Hydraulics
«Recently, we needed a deburring tool with a deburring diameter of over 50 mm. After a number of failed attempts, we discovered a solution using the COFA cassette tool. We are completely satisfied with it, especially with the quick and problem-free implementation.»
Nico Nothdurft
Tool manager, STAHL CraneSystems

Questions and answers

"I need a solution for deburring an existing component."

We are ready for worldwide deburring challenges. Please contact us, use our tool selector or fill out the enquiry form with your detailed application information. After conducting an analysis, we will find or develop a suitable tool solution for you. For demanding applications, we conduct tests at our headquarters in Switzerland or at your facility using test tools. Your advantage? The entire process of finding a solution is provided at no cost to you.



" I am currently drawing a new workpiece – Do you have any tips & tricks for deburring?"

Deburring is often only discussed during the production process. IF this topic is considered during the design stage, the workpiece can be optimised accordingly. We will gladly assist you. The earlier we are involved in the process as deburring professionals, the easier it is to achieve clean and, above all, cost-effective bore finishing. This often allows the use of standard tools instead of custom developments, which reduces costs and saves time. In addition, it's also easy on the nerves. 



"I'm dealing with a complex deburring problem that no supplier has been able to solve."

We have set ourselves the goal of finding the right solution for every application. If none of the standard deburring tools meet your deburring requirements, we would be happy to look at the possibility of a customised development. Our tool developers can make modifications to the standard tools, such as a longer working length, or they can create a new, application-specific tool. Function and quality can be determined through testing. 



"Before I purchase an unknown item, I want to assess the tool in operation."

As soon as we have identified an appropriate tool solution for your specific application, tests can be conducted - either at our test centre in Switzerland or directly at your plant on the machine. Depending on the complexity of the application, HEULE specialists can accompany this step. Nothing stands in the way of an order after a successful result. 



"I use a HEULE tool. Now, I would like to optimise the deburring process."

Our support continues after the tool has been put into operation. If necessary, we would be happy to visit your factory. On-site, we discuss the optimisation of processes, the modification of cutting data, and the search for new solutions. We will also gladly perform any repairs or revisions on your tools. Contact us.