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VEX: Drilling & Chamfering

Drilling combined with chamfering forwards and backwards in one single pass in the diameter range from 5.0 to 11.5 mm


Drilling, chamfering & countersinking

Drilling combined with countersinking forwards and chamfering backwards in one single pass. This is a custom development.

Drilling & countersinking

Drilling combined with countersinking on uneven surfaces with compensation. This is a custom development. 

Solutions for your specific application

Your application is not shown? We would be pleased to offer advice and develop a solution tailored to your needs.

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Your advantages when combining with HEULE
HEULE's combination drilling tools simplify production processes by combining drilling with deburring, chamfering or countersinking.

Optimised process times

  • Execution of several work steps in a single pass – up to 3 functions in one combination tool
  • No need to rotate the workpiece or stop the spindle
  • Standard range
  • Maximum optimisation of process times with customer-specific solutions
Sample applications
Drill combination tools in use
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Brake disc | With several work steps integrated into a single tool for maximum cost efficiency.
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