As experts in deburring, we have been serving our customers every day for the past 60 years. In addition to our standard offerings, we also provide customised solutions with Swiss precision. Our focus: Reduced process times and unit costs for customers.

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Passion for deburring solutions

It all started in 1961. Even after more than 60 years, our customers continue to rely on us as deburring experts. Find out more about this in the company film.

HEULE worldwide.
We are available to serve our customers worldwide. All HEULE locations are listed here.

HEULE Precision Tools

Since 1961, all HEULE tool solutions have been developed and produced at our headquarters in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley. Switzerland supplies the European market.  


Your contacts in Switzerland

That's what HEULE stands for.
Finding a solution has remained our driving force to this day. As a partner-based problem solver, we optimise our customers' production costs. We remain true to our location in Switzerland.

We bring Swiss precision to life.

HEULE has been developing and producing its tool solutions in Switzerland for more than 60 years, specifically in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley, the centre of precision. 


HEULE and its products stand for precision, reliability and the highest quality. Our passion for the perfect result and an extremely careful process steps description accompanies us every day. 

Deburring specialist since 1961

First, a disbelievingly admired idea was followed by worldwide recognition. Today, HEULE is synonymous with solving deburring problems. 


Heinrich Heule established his company in 1961 as a contract manufacturing company. Already with one of his first commissions he reached his limits: It was to chamfer the insides of a fork piece in full-scale series production quickly and economically. At the time, there was no suitable tool for that purpose. He therefore created one himself, thereby filling a gap in the market. The cornerstone for a flourishing enterprise was laid. 


Over the last 60 years, HEULE Precision Tools has been setting the benchmark in the development and manufacture of tools for front and back machining of bores in a single pass. Ulf Heule now manages the company, and the third generation is already working for HEULE. Everything is in place for the next 60 years of company history.

Our milestones

1961Established as a mechanical workshop in Rheineck, Switzerland on June 22, 1961
1963Move to Balgach, Switzerland
1970Use of the first tools for machining bores on both sides
1971Large extension building on Jakob-Schmidheiny-Strasse in Balgach, Switzerland
1976Patent application for the GH-S tool
1978Start of internationalisation with the first representation in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
1979Receipt of 1st F-Number from Daimler-Benz in Stuttgart, Germany
1980End of era as a contract manufacturing company
1988Foundation of the 1st subsidiary in the US
2007Relocation to new building on Wegenstrasse in Balgach, Switzerland
2011Foundation of the subsidiary in China
2013Foundation of the subsidiary in Korea
2018Foundation of HEULE Germany GmbH in Wangen im Allgäu, Germany
202160th anniversary


The concept of quality is shaped every day at HEULE. Our ISO 9001 certification has been in place for some time, ensuring that our quality assurance system is continually checked and improved.

HEULE ISO 9001 Certificate (EN)
HEULE ISO 9001 Certificate (EN)
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HEULE IQ Net Certificate ISO 9001
HEULE IQ Net Certificate ISO 9001
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HEULE ISO 14001 Certificate (DE)
HEULE ISO 14001 Certificate (DE)
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HEULE IQ Net Certificate ISO 14001
HEULE IQ Net Certificate ISO 14001
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