The first patent

The roots of the HEULE technology.

The origin of the HEULE company is a job shop. Cost pressure respectively the given sharply calculated prices forced the enterprise to think permanently about improvements to simply and to speed up the production processes.


From such considerations about the manufacture of a fork piece resulted the first own product: the GH-S Deburring tool. On the 28th October 1976 Heinrich Heule handed in his documents to the German Patent Office. Finally, under reference number 26 49 208 the patent was granted on 3rd January 1980. The foundation to become a manufacturer with its own line of products was laid. (Below: Extract of the 25 years anniversary publication of 1986).


The search for solutions for more efficient and process capable bore machining has become the core business of HEULE Werkzeug AG. The very large number of granted patents by now is the proof for the innovation power of the company.


Translation of Extract of the 25-Years-Anniversary-Publication of 1986


Technical pioneering achievements:
GH-Special Tools


Countersinking tools are technically common and nothing special at all. Their application field was always as much uncontested as restricted. Heinrich Heule's special developments have brought a new variety into such tools and expanded their use significantly. The progress in comparison to the applied technology up to now is enormous particularly in terms of efficiency and precision. One has to speak of actual pioneering achievements made by Heinrich Heule, also and in particular related to the world market.


GH-S: This countersinking tool, the very Heule product, is produced in large quantities. It enables the front and back chamfering of bores of different diameter in one single operation. The patented control system allows a steplessly adapted blade pressure for different bore diameters.



HEULE patent
HEULE patent
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