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Countersinking of metals from Ø3 mm to Ø45 mm

  • Countersink range from Ø3.0 – Ø25.0 mm or Ø4.0 – Ø45.0 mm
  • Three interchangeable, precisely matched carbide blades
  • Internal cooling available
  • Circular milling possible
GH-K | Catalogue
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The range consists of two types: a countersinking tool with three cutting edges and a countersinking tool with only one cutting edge. Each design is available in two versions with a countersink diameter range from 3.0 – 25.0 mm and another from 4.0 – 45.0 mm. The HEULE countersinking tools are available with countersinking angles of 60° and 90°. 

TypeSink anglemin. Bore diameter max. Counterbore diameter
GH-K 2590°Ø3 mmØ25 mm 60°Ø3 mmØ25 mm GH-K 4590°Ø4 mmØ45 mm 60°Ø9 mmØ45 mm

Should no standard tool solution be available for your application, HEULE can make a detailed application analysis. The result will be an application-specific solution. 


The GH-K has an alloy heat-treated steel tool body and integrated internal coolant. The blades are made of coated carbide and can be resharpened or replaced. These cutting edges extend almost to the countersinking tool tip, providing a wide countersink diameter range.

Tool Concept
  1. Tool body
  2. Torx screw
  3. Blade
  4. Internal coolant

Process steps description

The HEULE countersinking tool enables chatter-free countersinking and circular milling. The tool's internal coolant supply delivers the coolant directly to the cutting edge. The three carbide cutting edges and three insert seats in the tool body are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances. This means that high cutting parameters allow for the optimal production of chatter-free countersinks on the bores and chamfers on the edges of workpieces.


Are you interested in learning more about the countersinking tool? Visit our downloads section for detailed information, videos and operating instructions. 

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