No two deburring situations are the same

Complicated workpiece geometries, difficult materials, workpiece clamping and machine concepts – the demands on cutting tools like drills and deburring tools are complex. As experienced solution finders, we accept this challenge. 


If there is no standard tool that is appropriate for your application, our tool developers offer customised solutions that are specially tailored to you. The big advantage: You incur costs only when the fully developed solution is delivered. You too can find the ideal deburring tool if you inform us of your needs and expectations. 



Unlimited possibilities

All components are developed and produced in-house, making us flexible, reliable and quick. Consequently, the options for your customer-specific tool solution are vast. Adapted tool dimensions or blades can be used to optimise standard range tools for more complicated applications. 


If the potential is sufficient, even customer-specific tool systems are developed. Based on our standard technologies – deburring, chamfering, countersinking and drilling are all performed with a single tool. This optimisation of your manufacturing process increases process reliability and efficiency. Throughout these development projects, HEULE relies on an open-minded, cooperative partnership. 

Sample applications
Realised individual developments
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Alloy wheels | Reduced process costs and cycle times as a result of the custom development of a combination tool.
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Railroad Rail | The HEULE solution automates the chamfering of the bores on both sides for a stable and reliable process. Due to mechanical deburring, it is no longer necessary to purchase new machines.
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Medical technology trays | Elimination of manual deburring with a tool that enables drilling and deburring in a single pass.
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Common Rail | In the low-pressure range, diesel fuel distribution systems also require cleanly deburred bores.
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