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Medical technology trays

A tool that combines drilling and deburring in a single pass eliminates the need for manual deburring.

Customer application

The customer was looking for a solution to simultaneously drill bores in trays used in medical technology and deburr them radially forwards and backwards.

WorkpieceMedical technology tray
BoreØ8.6 mm


HEULE's solution is a VEX Combination tool designed specifically for the customer's application. Both sides of the bores are deburred in a single pass without the need for additional tool changes. The drill is a TiN coated one HM special drill (spade drill).

Coolantdry machining
Drill: Working speed3,000 rpm
Drilling: Working feed0.1 mm/rev
Deburring: Working speed3,000 rpm
Deburring: Working feed0.2 mm/rev

Customer benefit

The customer is extremely satisfied with the result and production time achieved. Manual deburring is no longer necessary with our solution. The machine produces the bore completely and reliably.