Field of application

Modern components have increasingly complex geometries. Alternative deburring techniques, such as thermal deburring and electrochemical deburring, frequently require complex processing steps outside the machining centre. However, even existing mechanical technologies quickly reach their limits when confronted with such challenges. With X-BORES technology, however, the workpiece is completed on the machine, saving both time and money.

Crossbores 1:1 / COFA-X

The mechanical deburring tool for crossbores up to a bore ratio of 1:1.

Intersection / SNAP-X

Deburring of several crossbores that all penetrate into a main bore. This is a custom development. 

Oil bores / CBD

Deburring of classic oil bores as well as very complex bore intersections. This is a custom development. 

Solutions for your specific application

Your application is not shown? We would be pleased to offer advice and develop a solution tailored to your specific requirements.

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How do you deburr “intersecting bores”?

Find out how in our 20-minute Online Seminar "Deburring CROSSBORES". Feel free to watch by clicking on the link below. 

Application examples
X-BORES series tools in action
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Fitting | Automated deburring of crossbores: X-BORES ensures a safe and reliable process.
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Crankshaft | Replacing manual processing with an automated process.
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Manifold | Replacing costly thermal deburring with mechanical deburring.