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Mechanical deburring of crossbores up to a bore ratio of 1:1

  • Individual adaptation to the application
  • Solutions starting from bore diameter of 5.0 mm
  • Completely chamfered edge – the edge is burr-free
  • Optimised for CNC machining operations
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Each COFA-X tool is designed for the individual application. It is a solution for deburring the edges created by intersecting bores (crossbores) having a main bore to cross bore ratio of 1:1. It can also be used for intersecting bores with offset axes. The COFA-X starts from a bore diameter of 5.0 mm.


For each application, we require a precise application description in order to provide the correct solution. Please define the parameters and characteristics of the application as precisely as possible.


  • Main bore diameter including tolerance
  • Cross bore diameter including tolerance
  • Bore depth
  • Workpiece material
  • Penetration angle
  • Eccentricity
  • Production volume per year
  • Cycle time (actual / target)
  • Type of machine
  • Current solution
  • Special requirements for solution
  • STEP drawing (3D)


The tool concept is simple and is based on the COFA system. The tool body is a single unit and the blade is pre-tensioned so that it can follow the large bore unevenness. Two screws secure the replaceable spring to the tool body. After the deburring process is completed, this spring returns the blade to its starting position. The coated carbide blades are designed either exclusively for forward or backward cutting.


This relief of the tool body is required for the COFA-X to move off-centre into the bore, as the blade cannot retract due to the pretension in one direction and orientation.

Tool Concept
  1. Blade
  2. Roll pin
  3. Bending spring
  4. Tool body
  5. Cylinder screws
  6. Threaded pin
Arbeitsweise Entgratwerkzeug COFA-X

Process steps description

The COFA-X removes burrs from the very uneven edges caused by intersecting internal bores. This mechanical deburring solution for crossbores can be used in CNC operations and significantly improves process reliability. 


In use, for example when deburring the back bore edge, the deburring tool is moved off-centre (with spindle stopped) to the bore centre axis to allow entry of the tool into the bore. It is moved back to offset value 0 for deburring. The deburring process then occurs in reverse working feed. The edges of the bore are machined without producing secondary burrs. At the end of the crossbore deburring process, the blade retracts into the tool body and the tool rapidly traverses out of the bore. This is done without having to stop the spindle.


Would you like additional information regarding the X-BORES family and COFA-X technology? Click through our downloads. 


How do you deburr “intersecting bores”?

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Application examples
1:1 Deburring tool in operation
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Fitting | Automated deburring of crossbores: X-BORES ensures a safe and reliable process.
Webseite_Vorschau_Anwendungen_nur Bild17
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Crankshaft | Replacing manual processing with an automated process.
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Manifold | Replacing costly thermal deburring with mechanical deburring.
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