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Fitting / Hydraulic T-Piece

Automated deburring of crossbores: X-BORES ensures a safe and reliable process.

Customer application

A Korean manufacturer of hydraulic components and 
bolt connections / fittings was looking for a safer and more efficient solution for deburring the crossbore of a ball valve. The aim was to ideally automate the process. Until then, employees were laboriously removing the burrs from the bore edges by hand with a brush.

WorkpieceFitting / Hydraulic T-Piece
Cross boreØ10.4 mm
Main boreØ10.4 mm
MachineDOOSAN CNC machine


The deburring of crossbores with a 1:1 bore diameter ratio posed a unique challenge for HEULE. The tool solutions that were available so far could not cope with the extreme unevenness of a 1:1 bore. HEULE had to find a completely new approach to the solution. They found it by using both new machine capabilities and by developing a special version of the COFA tool (COFA-X). The combination led to success.

Speed10 m/min
Working feed0.06 mm/rev
Coolantexternal coolant

Customer benefit

The possibility of automating the deburring process and the significantly increased process reliability have resulted in substantial cost savings for the customer. Similar T-Pieces are now being made as a result of the successful pilot project.


The images show the bore after COFA-X processing.