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Alloy wheels

Thanks to the custom development of a combination tool, process costs and cycle times have been reduced.

Customer application

The production of bores and counterbores in aluminium wheels requires the use of four different tools today. The process plan also requires turning the workpiece. The repair work and corresponding downtime to adjust the repaired tools are considerable. The high cost of the existing tools and the absence of a reliability guarantee for the process were sufficient reasons to reconsider the current production sequence. 



HEULE's approach to the solution involves combining the four existing tools into one. HEULE combines two existing tool systems and ideally combines their benefits for this purpose. The new tool eliminates the time-consuming task of turning the workpiece.

ToolDrilling-Countersinkcombination tool
Tool bodyVEX-SNAP5 special version
BladeSNAP5 Ø11.6 DLC / GH-QM-15547 backward cutting only
WSP30° plate carbide coated
Drilling cutting dataWorking speed: S = 2,750 rpm
Working feed: F = 550 mm/min
Chamfer cutting dataWorking speed: S = 2,750 rpm
Working feed: F = 450 mm/min

Customer benefit

The customer is extremely satisfied with the result and the time savings achieved. The working feed and working speed for countersinking and chamfering must be adjusted appropriately for applications involving multiple processes performed with a single tool. Internal coolant is required to flush the chips away. HEULE chooses the most stable tool design possible to eliminate vibrations. The available space serves as a guideline for dimensioning the special combination tool. HEULE special tools are renowned for their ease of use and process reliability.