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Brake disc

Multiple work steps in a single tool for maximum cost efficiency.

Customer application

The automotive industry requires a vast quantity of brake discs. Therefore, the production process must be 100% optimised. In this application, two distinct types of bores must be drilled and completed in the shortest possible of time.

Workpiecebrake disc


Bore number 1

Borecore bore for M8 thread
Chamfer                                   front and back: Ø8.5 mm x 90°


Bore number 2

BoreØ8.6 mm
Countersink forwardØ17.2 mm x 90°                        
Chamfer backwardØ0.5 mm x 45°


Bore 1


Core bore is drilled in a single pass with a VEX drill combination tool and chamfered both front and back (Ø8.5 mm x 90°).

ToolVEX drill combination tool
Drilling working speed3,200 rpm.
Drilling working feed0.25 mm/rev.
Chamfering working speed1,900 rpm.
Chamfering working feed0.15 mm/rev.
Service life> 30,000 bores



Bore 2


In a single pass, this bore is drilled, then countersunk forward (Ø17.2 mm x 90°), and back chamfered (Ø0.5 mm x 45°). It is made with a special VEX drill and countersink combination tool.

ToolVEX drilling and chamfering combination tool
Drilling working speed2,600 rpm.
Drilling working feed0.26 mm/rev.
Drilling service life> 30,000 bores
Chamfering forward working speed1,500 rpm.
Chamfering forward working feed0.15 mm/rev.
Chamfering forward service life> 15,000 bores
Chamfering backwards working speed1,500 rpm.
Chamfering backwards working feed0.15 mm/rev.
Chamfering backwards service life> 30,000 bores

Customer benefit

The integration of multiple machining operations in a single tool, combined with proven process capability, ensures the best possible cost efficiency.