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Flow meter

Drilling and defined chamfering combined in one tool.

Customer application

The manufacturer of a flow meter required a cross bore with a defined back chamfer in their workpiece. The difficulty lies in gaining access to the bore's back edge.

Workpieceflow meter
Bore diameterØ6.0 mm
Chamfer at the back bore edge: 0.25 mm x 45°
Volume3,000 bores per month


For this application HEULE chose their VEX Combi Drill Tool (GH-QO-4002 with replaceable drill insert PS-C2-0600-1T), which is also equipped with a SNAP chamfering blade (GH-QM-30106).

Cutting speed1,500 rpm
Working feed for chamfer120 mm/min
Machinevertical CNC machin

Customer benefit

The VEX Combi Drill Tool drills the bore and applies the required chamfer to the back of the bore in a single pass.