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Shell ring connector

Drilling, forward and backward chamfering simultaneously: Cost reduction of more than USD 100,000 per year.

Customer application

The shell ring connector of an 8-speed gearbox has 12 bores with Ø5.0 mm per workpiece. 

WorkpieceShell ring connector
BoreØ5.0 mm
Material thickness4.0 mm
MaterialADC 10
MachineMagnix tapping centre
Volume1 million workpieces per year


HEULE recommended its combined drilling and chamfering tool VEX 5.0 (GH-QO-4000) with SNAP technology. The bore is first drilled, followed by the chamfering of the front and back bore edges.

Drilling speed100 m/min 
Drilling working feed0.2 mm/rev
Chamfering speed72 m/min
Chamfer working feed0.15 mm/rev
Coolantexternal coolant

Customer benefit

This solution offers significant processing time savings by combining three process steps in a single pass. With the switch to VEX, the gearbox manufacturer eliminated two CNC machining centres and reduced its annual expenses by more than USD 100,000.