Deburring is now automated instead of manual. And this with a service life of 10,000 deburrings per blade.

Customer application

Our customer produces about 12 million camshafts per year. The customer is looking for a solution to deburr the front and the back of the oil bore automatically.

Oil boreØ2.5 mm
Deburr diameter max.Ø3.2 mm
MaterialSteel similar to St52 (approx. 700 N/mm2)


The solution of HEULE is the simple and efficient SNAP tool. Without any need to turn the workpiece or to stop the spindle, it frees the bore edges from the burr and produces a chamfer.

Working length20 mm
Speed3000 U/min
Cutting speedvc 30 m/min
Feed0.1 mm/U

Customer benefit

Up to now, the camshafts have been deburred manually. With the automated deburring, the piece can be machined fully on the machine. On a multi-spindle machine, 5 SNAP2 tools are in use at the same time. 


The decision to switch the process to machining with SNAP was based not only on the substantial reduction in personnel costs, but also on the process reliability of the tools and the high chamfer quality. This again resulted in reduced quality control work.