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Bearing bushing

Cycle time improved by 20%.

Customer application

A German automotive subcontractor was looking for a reliable and consistent solution for chamfering the back edge of a bore in a tube. The inconsistency of the existing solution necessitated a substantial amount of manual rework. Four bores per workpiece must be deburred or chamfered at the back.

Workpiece Bearing bushing
Bore diameter4 mm
Outer Tube Ø30 mm
Inner Tube Ø26 mm
Chamfer diam. burr freemax. 0.5 mm
MaterialSteel / 1.0580 E 355
Production volume680,000 bores per year
MachineLong turning lathe
ProcessingRadial processing from the bar
Coolant pressure30 bars


The COFA deburring tool is used

BladeGH-CM-0914-T nrs
Cutting speedS = 1,200 rpm / v = 15 m/min
Working feedf = 0.2 mm/rev (F = 240 mm/min)

Customer benefit

The deburring process is reliable, so the manual reworking is no longer necessary. The cycle time could be optimised, resulting in a minimum 20% improvement. Long-tenured employees with extensive expertise are as much excited about the result as the production manager, who can now rely on a process-safe solution.