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Fork piece

Through process-reliable deburring and the elimination of manual rework, time is saved.

Customer application

A Swiss supplier for the German automotive industry was previously required to manually deburr the fork, used in a steering column. Faced with the problem that manual deburring was too time-consuming and caused a production backlog, the company sought a new solution.

WorkpieceFork piece
Bore Ø15.0 mm
Deburr sizemax. 0.3 mm
MachineHermle Milling Centre
Coolantexternal coolant, 30 bar pressure
Dimensionsd = 15.0 mm, H = 42.0 mm, E = 28.0 mm
production volume200,000 bores per year


Fork piece deburring is a tried and tested application of the COFA tool. Customer requirements   to minimise processing cycle time as much as possible led to the development of a unique solution. The 15.0 mm diameter could also be machined using a standard COFA tool. HEULE proposed a double-cassette tool in order to work with a maximum working feed rate. This tool uses two blades.

ToolDouble cassette toolCOFA C6
Speed1,000 rpm
Working feed0.8 mm/rev

Customer benefit

The customer defines the benefit as the elimination of manual rework and the now process-reliable deburring, i.e. the time savings. But the emphasis is on the thrilled machine operator, who no longer has to manually process the parts.