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Aircraft component

The replacement of the manual chamfering process has reduced production time.

Customer application

Previously, the chamfering of the front and back of the bores was performed manually outside of the machining centre. The customer desired the ability to finish the component entirely on the machine.

WorkpieceAviation component
Bore diameterØ7,036 mm
MaterialInconel 718/718plus
MachineVertical/Horizontal Machining Centre


This solution was accomplished with the DEFA Chamfering tool.

ToolDEFA 7.0-8.0/34 (GH-SD-5214) 
BladeDEFA 7.0-8.0 (GH-SM-3909)
Cutting speed400 rpm
Working feedF8/min

Customer benefit

The customer achieved the following improvements:


  • Replacement of the manual process 
  • Reduction of the required production time
  • Stabilisation of the process
  • Improvement of the chamfer quality