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Low pressure turbine stator housing

75% reduction in machining time per bore.

Customer application

An Asian aircraft turbine manufacturer wanted to increase productivity by replacing a partially manual back counterboring tool. After machining the back spot faces, he was also bothered by the entirely manual deburring process.

WorkpieceLow pressure turbine stator housing
BoreØ7 mm
Counterbore with chamfer on the inner bore edge / Ø13 mm
Cutpartially interrupted
MaterialInconel 718
Material thickness4.0 mm
MachineSTARRAG STC1000
Estimated production volume50 parts (3,200 bores) / year


HEULE proposed its SOLO counterboring tool, distinguished by its ease of use and high production reliability. Thanks to the construction of a customer-specific blade that simultaneously applies a chamfer to the bore, the previously required additional deburring process is no longer needed.


Bladeapplication specific
Working speed15 m/min
Working feed0.03 mm/rev.
Coolant external coolant

Customer benefit

The new process reduces the machining time for a bore by 25% and the total machining time for a part from 3 hours to 1 hour.