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Gearbox components for tractors

The customer processes eight components per re-clamping with the complete solution.

Customer application

The customer was looking for a more economical solution for producing countersinks in the bores of a tractor gearbox component.

WorkpieceComponent for gearbox
BoreØ12.5 mm
CountersinkØ19.0 mm
Depthapprox. 10.0 mm
MaterialOSTE 460N (similar to 1.8901)


The proposed solution is the HEULE SOLO back counterboring tool. Due to the fact that the bore is typically smaller than Ø12.5 mm (12.45), a bush is used to avoid welding. Due to clamping, there is limited space behind the bore, which must be taken into account when programming (horizontal machining).

Cutting speed55 m/min
Working feed0.03 mm/rev
Coolantinternal coolant 

Customer benefit

The SOLO tool enables the complete machining of 8 workpieces per clamping. The tedious re-clamping and time-consuming interpolar milling of the countersink are no longer required (sinking depth approx. 10 mm). The customer now has a reliable, fast and complete solution.