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High-voltage conductor cable

Avoid re-clamping by back spotfacing: The customer can manufacture the entire 500-piece batch without interruption or blade change.

Customer application

The customer's aim was to apply all three counterbores to the workpiece in a single clamping. The focus was on enhancing process reliability and the viability of subsequent processing.

WorkpieceHigh voltage conductor cable
Through borediameter 14.2 mm
Back spotfacing30.3 mm
Counterbore ratio2.13
MaterialCast aluminium AlSi7Mg
coolantInternal coolant (IK) with 30 bar
Volume500 pcs/batch


The BSF Back spotfacing tool enables machining of the front. This eliminates the time-consuming need to re-clamp the workpiece.

working length50 mm  
working speed870 rpm.
working feed0.03 mm/rev

Customer benefit

After approximately 1,500 cuts, the blade is still in excellent condition with minimal signs of wear. By using the BSF, the customer can process the workpiece in a single clamping. This means that the entire 500-piece batch can be processed without interruption or blade changes.