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Elevator trailing wheel

Process optimisation: repeated alignment and clamping are no longer required.

Customer application

Our customer, a supplier to a German elevator manufacturer, was looking for a solution to deburr a threaded bore on both sides without having to reposition the workpiece and reclamp it.

WorkpieceElevator trailing wheel
Bore diameterØ12.0 mm
Chamfer diameterØ14.5 mm


HEULE recommended their SNAP tool, a threading tool from the SNAP5/M14 series with a carbide-coated blade for more demanding requirements (GH-Q-M34192). 

Working speed1,100 rpm
Working feed0.15 mm/rev
Coolantexternal coolant

Customer benefit

By using the SNAP threading tool, the customer saves time, money, and improves process reliability. There is no need for repeated clamping, including alignment, which results in shorter cycle times and greater precision.