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Knee joint replacement

The specified service life of 20 workpieces per blade could be significantly exceeded with over 60 workpieces.

Customer application

Our medical technology customer was dissatisfied with the quality and process reliability of their existing manual deburring solution for the knee system's crossbore thread run-out. Increasing numbers of bores requiring deburring exacerbated the problem. They therefore sought an automated solution. 

WorkpieceKnee Joint Replacement
Bore diameterØ6.0 mm in main bore Ø14.0 mm


The COFA 5M tool for bore diameter 6.0 mm was selected as a solution to this task.

Working speed500 rpm
Working feed30 mm/min.

Customer benefit

The complete elimination of manual processing has resulted in significant cost savings. The customer can now simply remove the fully-processed workpiece from the machine.


Machine operator's statement: «With HEULE, quality and process reliability have been vastly improved.» The decision-maker elaborates: "The specified service life of 20 workpieces per blade was clearly exceeded with more than 60 workpieces. Due to the difficult-to-machine material and the high burr formation, the tool and the solution is significantly more cost-effective than previously expected."