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Steering Knuckle

Increased economy thanks to the HEULE chamfering solution.

Customer application

The task in relation to this steering knuckle for the automotive industry is to chamfer different bores forwards and backwards in a single pass without having to reclamp the workpiece.

WorkpieceSteering knuckle
Bore diameterseveral 
Counterbore diameterseveral 
Materialcast aluminium


The DEFA chamfering tool is chosen for these chamfering applications due to the required chamfer size, dimensional accuracy and the interrupted cut. 


Working speed1,000 rpm
Working feed0.06 mm/rev
Coolant emulsion

Customer benefit

The focus is on the cost-effectiveness of the solution. The cycle / production times without stopping the spindle, spindle direction change, interpolation and  workpiece re-clamping¬†was less time-consuming than alternative¬†manufacturing processes.