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Back implant

PEEK is a demanding material used in medical technology. HEULE offers the customer the optimal solution for deburring bores

Customer application

The customer is looking for a solution for the processing of back implants. The special challenge here lies in the extremely demanding PEEK material. In addition, the processing must be dry due to legal requirements.

WorkpieceBack implant
Bore Ø2.0 mm
Material PEEK


Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) has a very high continuous service temperature, rigidity, and hardness. It possesses exceptional tensile and bending fatigue strength. The material closely resembles human bone.



HEULE offers two solutions: the tools SNAP and COFA

Working speed5,000 rpm
Working feed 0.1 mm/rev


Working speed 5,000 rpm
Working feed 0.05 mm/rev

Customer satisfaction

In order to precisely determine the advantages and disadvantages for the customer, tests are conducted with both the SNAP and COFA tools. Both variants deliver convincing results. However, the SNAP solution offers some advantages. The blade change on the machine is faster. In addition in this application, SNAP permits a higher working feed rate – the cutting data can still be adjusted upwards . Another advantage of SNAP is that this material does not leave any compress shavings on the tool.