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Watch case

Process-reliable series production of smallest bores

Customer application

The watch manufacturer uses a deburring tool in the manufacturing of its cases, but has not yet achieved a result that is process-reliable. This resulted in excessive costs for testing and rework.

WorkpieceWatch case
Bore diameterØ1.5 mm
Chamfer diameterØ1.8 mm
Secondary burr height< 5 mm


The main problem was that the height of the burr was disproportionate to the bore diameter. The analysis performed by HEULE revealed that this production task can be accomplished by optimising the production sequence (burr reduction) and the DL2 tool. It was crucial that the DL2 uses internal coolant to reliably guide the burrs away from the cutting edge.

Cutting speed9,600 rpm
Working feed0.007 mm/rev

Customer benefit

The solution co-created with the customer ensured the reliability of series production. The deburring blade has a service life of 20,000 deburrings. Significant savings result from eliminating testing costs and rework.