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Together for the nature of Balgach

05.10.2022 | Protecting our local environment and raising awareness of nature are becoming increasingly important. We know this too. Therefore all the profits from the HEULE Open Day were handed over to the Balger Natur Association. The association was delighted to receive a donation of 1,445 Swiss francs.

On 20th August, we held an Open Day at our factory in Balgach. The visitors were given an insight into the production process of deburring tools and learned a lot about the 60-year company history. At the end of the interesting tour of the company, a catering service offering beverages, sausages and ice cream awaited the guests. The Rhine Valley family-owned company is now donating all the profits from the catering to the Balger Natur association. Ulf Heule, CEO of HEULE, is pleased that a total of CHF 1,445 was raised: "It was important to us to charge a small amount for the drinks and food in times of waste." The visitors were made aware of the campaign and the feedback was positive: "Some even put a little extra into the till".


Protection of the local environment

The donation was ceremoniously presented to the Balger Natur association. This association is committed to preserving and promoting the habitats of endangered animals and plants, raising public awareness, to exchanging information with like-minded organisations and tries to participate in official planning. For Ulf Heule, this is an extremely honourable purpose of the association: "The commitment of the association is remarkable. It is becoming more and more important to protect our environment - i.e. animals and plants." Nature conservation and the careful use of resources are also close to HEULE's heart. The company building is cooled and heated with ground water, its CO2 emissions are close to 0% and it will soon be equipped with a photovoltaic system on the entire green flat roof. The donation to the Balger Natur association is another small piece of the puzzle to get a little closer to the common goal.



Image: Rik Heule (left) and Ulf Heule (right) from HEULE Werkzeug AG hand over the donation to Tobias Schmidheini (centre) from the Balger Natur association.