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Process capability as the decisive factor

The process capable deburring of Common Rail applications has been assured by HEULE for years now. Various manufacturers appreciate the reliability of the tools as well as the support and the experience of the HEULE team.

Customer application

By the increasing demands just as well as the strategic targets related to cost optimization hte subcontracting industry is facing new challenges almost on a daily basis. The edges of the back bores have to be processed very carefully: no grooves, no irregularities or any traces are permitted. The back edges of the bores undergo a 100 % quality check.

HEULE was confronted with the following application parameters:


Ø2.4 ±0.05 mm

Main bore

Ø9.0 mm


0.22 mm

Deburring backward only

approx. Ø2.8 mm


 20MnCr5, forged part


2 Axis-horizontal machining centres

Proposed solution from HEULE Werkzeug AG

This application represented a challenge to HEULE Werkzeug AG because of the relatively small bore as well as the height of the uneveness. The use of the standard blade with a countersink angle of 90° was not sufficient for this special application in order to make all of the contour of the bore edge absolutely free of burrs. A special blade with a 60° countersink angle has been developed for this reason. This blade enabled a deeper deburring with the same deburr diameter. Hence, a constantly even broken edge breaking and a clean surface became reproduceable.

Benefits of the solution

The customer is satisfied by the result and the achieved process capability. Having passed the approval procedure successfully, the tool has been released for serial production and is operated on two production line during 24 hours per day. The customer is excited about the reliability and the simple handling of the SNAP2 tool system. 

The HEULE special tools are renowned for their simplicity and their process capability. Furthermore, all tools are designed consistently that no turning of the workpiece is required. The tools machine the front of the workpiece just as well as the back. The blades of the designed tool start to cut only when they touch the work piece. Tool repair and blade change are carried out easily and without any readjusting. These typical HEULE features guarantee extremely short machine down times.


Tool body: SNAP2/2.4/30

Blade: Special blade backward cutting only, GS cutting geometry, HM TiAlN coated

Cutting data

Cutting values deburring backward


3300 rpm


0.045 mm/rev.

60 Years Heule