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Nominated for the Best of Industry Award: Our new Module Line

03.07.2023 | We are proud to present our new product – the SNAP module – which is nominated for the BEST OF INDUSTRY AWARD. Thank you very much for voting for this new tool!

The Module Line makes it possible to carry out the operations drilling and chamfering simultaneously in one operation, which reduces the number of work steps and thus the process times and costs.


The new SNAP module is used in drill bodies from Ø18.0mm. The compact design of the module has very few wearing parts. The module is extremely compact at just 16.0 x 3.5 x 5.0 mm and can therefore be installed directly behind the drill head.


To accomodate the SNAP module, the existing drill body is to be modified with a pocket by the customer (in consultation with the drill body manufacturer). The module is fixed to the drill body with a single screw. To enable higher feed rates and further optimise the process time, two modules can be integrated in one drill body. 

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