HEULE Customized Tools for processing aluminium wheels – reduces the process costs

Alloy wheels / valve hole

Cycle times – the decisive factor

HEULE has been reducing cycle times in the automotive industry successfully for over 30 years now. Today, car manufacturers ask for simple and process capable tool system. Terms like "time saving activities, "labor costs saving“ and "CIP continuous improvement process are common practice in the automotive industry.

Customer application

The production of bores and counterbores in the aluminium wheel is requiring 4 different tools. In addition, the production sequence includes a turning of the workpiece. Time and effort invested into the maintenance and the down time for the readjustment of the repaired tools are considerable. The high tool costs for the existing tools and the not assured process capablity were the reasons why the present production method has been questioned.

Proposed solution by HEULE Werkzeug AG

The new approach by HEULE proposes to unify all four existing tools into a single one. To do that HEULE combines two tool systems and their advantages in an ideal way. The new tool eliminates the time-consuming turning of the workpiece.

Benefits of the solution

The customer is very pleased by the result and the achieved time savings. When combining different processes in one tool, it is important to adjust the working feed and also the speed of the countersinking and  the chamfering. An internal cooling system is absolutely necessary to flush the chips away. HEULE is opting for an utmost sturdy tool design in order to avoid vibrations. Herefore, the given space sets out the framework for the dimensioning of this special combination tool.
The HEULE special tools are renowned for their simplicity and their process capability. Furthermore, all tools are designed consistently that no turning of the workpiece is required. The tools machine the front of the workpiece just as well as the back. The blades of the designed tool start to cut only when they touch the work piece. Tool repair and blade change are carried out easily and without any readjusting. These typical HEULE features guarantee extremely short machine down times.


Alloy wheel / Valve hole bore (forward and backward machining of the wheel)

Combined Drilling-Countsink Tool

Tool body: SNAP5 VEX-P Special tool

Blade: SNAP5 Ø11.6 DLC / GH-Q-M-15547 backward cutting only

WSP: Platte 30° aus Hartmetall beschichtet

Cutting data

Drilling VEX-S Chamfering SNAP
Speed: S = 2‘750 U/miN  Speed: S = 2‘750 U/min 
Feed: F = 550mm/min  Feed: F = 450mm/min
60 Years Heule