GH-K – The chatter-free countersinking tool.

Chatter-free front countersinking of a big countersink range with one single tool.

The GH-K has three exchangeable countersink blades which are precision ground as a match set to achieve unmatched countersink finishes. The tool feeds the coolant through an inner supply duct directly to the blade. GH-K is unique because of its large countersinking range from diam. Ø 3 to diam. Ø 25 or from diam. Ø 4 to diam. Ø 45 mm.


  • High-performance countersink tool with three blades for chatter-free countersinking and circular cutting. 
  • Wide countersink range from diam. 4 mm to diam. 45 mm with one single tool. 
  • Exchangeable blades that can be re-sharpened, made of carbide or HSS and provided with a coating. 
  • Tool body of rugged and high-precision design with through the tool coolant. 
  • Tools available for 60° and 90° countersinks.


The three tip seets inside the tool body and the three carbide blades are manufactured to very tight tolerances. This enables optimal high-speed chatter-free production of countersinks on bores and chamfers of work piece edges.


1. Tool body
2. Torx screw
3. Blade

Product Range

SeriesAngleMin. bore diameterMax. countersink diameter
GH-K 25 90° Ø 3 Ø 25
60° Ø 3 Ø 25
GH-K 45 90° Ø 4 Ø 45
60° Ø 9 Ø 45

GH-K Product documentation

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