Digital Monitoring

New digital solutions enable customers to optimise their production processes. In two online seminars, we show how deburring and counterboring tools can be digitally monitored. You will also see why early involvement of HEULE in the design process is important. The focus lies on finding solutions and on the customer's profitability.

Since 1961, HEULE Werkzeug AG has set the standard in the development of front and back deburring, chamfering, drilling, countersinking and back spotfacing tools in One Operation. We are committed to finding innovative solutions for our customers.

At first incredulous amazement, now global recognition

Ulf, Heinrich and Rik Heule

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Our tools will reduce your production times



Economic front and back chamfering in One Operation, with very easy blade changes.



Efficient combination of drilling, front and back chamfering in one operation.

Customer-specific solutions with special tools

Customer-specific solutions with special tools

All innovations of HEULE Werkzeug AG are focussed on the solution and the efficiency of the customer. We offer chamfering / deburring tools and solutions for the following applications: