Employees and Team

110 heads packed with know-how and ideas

Many small and mid-size businesses call themselves a team or "family". HEULE Werkzeug AG actually lives this philosophy throughout the company – for the customer's benefit. When more than 110 heads merge their expertise and experience, a sound solution is never far away. And that is unique.

The secret of the company's high innovation power has a second strong foundation: the family-based culture. In an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, an intense exchange of ideas and views continuously takes place across hierarchical levels and technical disciplines. That is exactly what is needed to promote innovations and solve problems.

HEULE Werkzeug AG operates its own development department and can rely on experienced designers and state-of-the-art equipment reserved for rigorous testing of new and further developments.
In all these efforts, it goes without saying that the senior company owner's wealth of experience and his profound knowledge are available to everyone whenever needed.

The HEULE Family

Heinrich HEULE set up his company in 1961 as a contract manufacturing business.

When his son Ulf joined the company, this marked the beginning of the expansion of its sales organization and the globalization of its export activities. Today, the company is headed by Ulf HEULE, who is thoroughly familiar with its customers and their needs. He has been carefully prepared for fulfilling this challenging function, having served an apprenticeship as a toolmaker and continued his education with an engineering degree from a university of applied science and studying business administration.

Rita Heule-Hangartner, Ulf Heule's wife, is also part of the company. She is active in Finance and is responsible for staff training too.

Training of next generation personnel

Part of our sustainable way of thinking is the training of our own junior staff. With its 12 apprentices in various professions (mechanic, mechanical engineer, office clerk), HEULE's commitment for the professional education of the young genereation is above average.

The commitment pays off. Many of the present staff have completed their apprenticeship with HEULE.

60 Years Heule