DL2 – Deburring of bores <Ø2 mm

Process reliable deburring of small diameters with the deburring tool DL2. The newly developed tool concept is the solution for all the requirements associated with these small dimensions.

The deburring tool for small diameters

  • Process-safe deburring of bores Ø1.0 mm to Ø2.1 mm
  • Front & back bore machining in one operation
  • Machining of both even and slightly uneven bore edges
  • Complete edge break = burr-free
  • Very short cycle time
  • Process reliability thanks to permanent direct internal cooling of the cutting edge
  • Reliable deburring thanks to the mechanical deburring process with defined cutting geometry
  • Simple blade change even directly in the machine
  • Easy handling, as the carbide blade and spring are combined

Tool description

  1. Blade
  2. Blade housing
  3. Tool body
  4. Clamping screw

Simple tool concept

In the DL2, the spring and the blade form a single unit. The blade moves into the bore at working feed and removes the burr on the front edge of the hole. As soon as the required deburring size is reached, the blade retracts into the tool body. The specially designed sliding surface of the blade prevents the bore from being damaged when passing through the bore. The spring-loaded blade automatically returns to its starting position and is ready to process the back edge of the bore. This is done without stopping the spindle and changing the direction of rotation.

Wide range of use

The demands on the deburring quality of the smallest bores are increasing all the time - for example in medical and electronic applications, in the aircraft industry or even for luxury watchmaking. The DL2 with its functional principle offers the appropriate solution. It is used for materials such as steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium or composite materials. 

Customisable for your application

The range includes tools for use with bore diameters from 1.0 mm to 2.1 mm. The working lengths range from 3.0 mm to 10.0 mm. The deburring size is approx. 0.15 mm.

You can identify the correct tool combination for your application in the product documentation or directly from your sales partner.

Do you need a customised solution?
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Information on setup and tool handling can be found in the DL2 manuals. 

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