Deburring of Cross Bores.

With X-BORES HEULE takes up the challenge to provide solutions for the automated deburring of cross bores. Existing technologies soon run into their limits. The deburring by means of a defined cutting edge in a chip making process brings up major advantages.

The alternative methods that are in common use up today are chemical deburring and/or mechanical deburring. These procedures require extensive secondary operations outside the machining center. By applying the X-BORES technology, the workpiece will be machined and finished in one setup which saves time and money.

Modern components increasingly have more complex geometries and are made of new materials or material combinations. Furthermore, the demands on the deburring quality, the process capability and the efficiency that have to be met are rising continuously.

HEULE as an experience problem solver offers customer-optimized solutions based on four different tool systems:

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