Deburring of main bores where several cross bores lead in

With X-BORES HEULE advances into uncharted technical territory that has been out of reach so far. The SNAP-X system tool penetrates by the main bore and deburrs the entering cross bores leaving sharp edges. In close cooperation with the customer, our R&D team examines the feasibility and develops a tailor-cut tool for the specific application.

Application situation


  • The main bore is a central bore where several cross bores lead in.
  • The cross bores usually have various diameters up to close to ratio 1:1.
  • Several cross bores merge with the main bore in different angles and diameters.

Solution approach

The Main Bore Tool

The main bore tool (DD) is used for the deburring of cross bores leaving sharp edges. It penetrates through the main bore and deburrs the cross bores. In one single pass, several cross bores are machined right at the burr base.

What's next?

Have you got an unsolved deburring issue you would like to resolve with us?

  • Any viable solution begins with a clear description of the application. Please define your demands and expectations in a comprehensive and detailed manner. Please focus therefor on the following important aspects:
  • Description of the present deburring process
  • Details of the bore and the application
  • Description of the environment: Machine, clamping, fixture, spatial conditions, interfering edges
  • Number of bores to be deburred
  • Cycle time? Present solution? Present time (Actual/Target)?
  • Is there any function assigned to the deburred surface?
  • Description of the desired final result / target description
  • What has to be observed imperatively when designing the new deburring process?

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